Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I've Got A Bad Feeling 'Bout This...

It seems that breaking my add-ons wasn't the only thing I should have been worried about when anticipating the Echoes of Doom patch. I left my compy on all day yesterday with the Blizzard Downloader active so that I could patch up when I got home and log in to see swirly hammers of death.

What greeted me after work was not a fully patched client, but instead a Blizzard Downloader stalled at 97% complete on its task. I hit cancel and then loaded up WoW to prompt it to try again, but the client must have been borked somehow in this procedure, because now when I attempt to log in to my account via the WoW client, it tries to connect and then reports back "Login Server Down." I know for a fact that the login servers are functioning, as I was sitting in Ventrilo with guildmates who were logging in and out while these shenanigans were happening.

I noticed late last night that my game version was reporting to me as 3.0.1, so I left for work this morning with my computer downloading a 3.0.1 -> 3.0.2 patch from a mirror. If downloading and attempting to install that patch doesn't work, I might declare a holy jihad on my computer. I want to Divine Storm things and wander around Stormwind Harbor, dagnabit!

I think I might affect a class change, because this situation is definitely filling my rage bar.

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Good luck getting everything up and running Josh.