Monday, May 26, 2008

Poking Things with Sticks since '06

Prompted by this post by Auzara on her blog Chick GM, I decided to compile here a list of alternate by-lines I thought of when creating this blog before ultimately settling on "Retribution is at hand." In no particular order...

  • Repent, ye wicked, lest ye be judged!
  • This ain't yo momma's Ret spec
  • Leaving the world blind and toothless
  • Vengeance is a dish best served by a mace
  • Crusading for the equal treatment of Paladins
  • Vindication's a b!tch
  • This is my mace, and it's in your face
  • Spinning the Seal of Casino wheel since 2006
  • Educating the masses about Retribution Paladins - by force if necessary
  • Hammurabi would be proud
  • Stop! Hammer time
  • Paladin gives you wings! (Aside - For those that don't get this one, it's a reference to Avenging Wrath)
  • A crusader's zeal knows no bounds
  • Pursuing Justice to the ends of Azeroth
  • Following in Uther's footsteps

That's all I remember. I'm sure there were more. Got any Paladin-related or Retribution-related one-liners that you think would fit?


Rohan said...

"My comrades are my weapons and I am their ... Wait, F**k that!"

Apologies for the swearing. :)

Josh said...

Hehe, good one!

Auzara said...

"No, I won't heal you."