Thursday, May 22, 2008

Add-ons List

As requested by Honorshammer, here is a list of add-ons I'm currently using and their function. Honors, the screenie in my previous post was taken at 1024 x 768 resolution:

  • Cartographer - Map add-on
  • oRA2 - Main tank windows and other raid window features
  • Prat - Chat box modification
  • Quartz - Cast bars and swing timer
  • Aperture - Viewport
  • AtlastLoot - 'Cuz I need to know what's on boss loot tables
  • Bartender - Skill bars
  • Buffalo - Buff display
  • ClosetGnome - Item Rack alternative
  • Cooldown Count - Shows numerical value for remaining cooldown on skills/items on your skill bars, on your character and in your inventory
  • CowTip - Tooltip modification
  • cyCircled - Changes texture on hotbar skills
  • Demon - Target debuff monitor, I use to track JoL/JoW/JotC
  • DeuceCommander - Organizational tool for ace2 mods
  • FuBar - Multi-functional modular bar designed for ace2 plug-ins
  • Omen - Threat Meter
  • PallyPower - Blessing management
  • Proximo - Arena frame
  • SCT - Combat text
  • simpleMinimap - Allows for modification/moving of the mini-map
  • X-Perl - Unit frame mod
  • Deadly Boss Mods - Boss ability timers and announcements

All of the mods listed with the exception of DBM are Ace2. Some are aesthetic (cyCircled), but they all have a specific function.


Honors Code said...

Thank you sir!

Paul said...

It's a very sweet UI. Of course I don't have the patience to arrange something as pretty.