Monday, May 5, 2008

Buggy Behavior - Judgment of Wisdom

As I've said, Judgments are a major plus to bringing a Retribution Paladin to a raid. The finest of the raid-worthy debuff Judgments (Crusader, Wisdom, & Light) is Judgment of Wisdom. The spell description from Wowwiki:

Judgement of Wisdom - Magic
Attacks and spells used against you have a
chance of restoring x of the attacker's mana.
Duration: 20 seconds

Each direct offensive action taken against the judged target has a 50% chance of returning mana. At Rank 4, the maximum rank for JoWisdom, the return is 74 mana. The duration can be refreshed by Crusader Strike or by an auto-attack from the paladin who originally judged Wisdom.

Now as I mentioned, JoWisdom has a 50% proc rate. However, in raids, I'm finding that my personal proc rate for JoWisdom is much higher, more like 85% or so from rough calculations based on some WWS reports on boss fights. This has been a topic of debate in the Ret DPS thread on the Elitist Jerks Class Mechanics forum for a while. It was first noticed by a paladin who had Vindication in his talent build. Other paladins then specced for Vindication and checked their JoWisdom proc rates in raids afterward, finding they had increased chance to proc as well! The quick and dirty answer for them was that Vindication procs were being counted as spell-casts and therefore increasing the number of actions being taken against the boss, upping the potential number of JoWisdom procs. What was not investigated was whether the proc rate was higher without Vindication.

Recently some paladins have been testing the proc rate on JoWisdom with a new hypothesis: is the action of an auto-attack refreshing a JoLight or JotCrusader debuff counted as a spell-cast, and therefore eligible for JoWisdom procs? 2 paladins ran out to the Blasted Lands to test this on the fabled "invincible mob," one who cannot die without the player taking special action beyond directly reducing its hitpoints to zero. One judged Light, the other Wisdom. The one who judged Light auto-attacked for about 10 minutes and parsed it in WWS. He found a 100% proc rate on his auto-attacks for JoWisdom!

After raiding last night without 1/3 Vindication in my spec and seeing JoW proc off auto-attacks and confirming that the Wisdom mana returns I was seeing were not phantom Vindication procs, I'm fairly confident that the new hypothesis is correct. Ret Paladins, I think you can safely spec out of Vindication. I myself think that 5/10/46 might become popular now, throwing those 1-2 points that were free into Guardian's Favor. I just shifted the 1 point from Vindication into Benediction so that I have 2/5 in that talent now, since I'm the Imp. BoMight guy for my guild.

I just hope Blizzard doesn't notice this, because if they fix this little bug most every Ret Paladin will start having some noticeable mana problems...

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