Monday, May 12, 2008

Do I have a problem?

I'm a one-toon player. You know, that guy who is always playing that one character, the only one he has, and never really rolls an alt. I know tons of players who have anywhere from one to five level 70 alts, and some who raid on multiple characters across different servers, not even mentioning the horde of sub-70 alts they have. Besides my Paladin, none of my characters have seen the bright side of level 30. My highest was a Dwarf Rogue who hit level 26 before I got bored with him.

But, sitting out of last night's raid bored me. It was Mother's Day, I had a leisurely dinner with my family and took my Mom out for ice cream after, didn't get home 'til 10 minutes before raid start. I log in 5 minutes prior to first pull and find 30 people online - they're all ready in Black Temple and buffing up. I get credit for being on-time, but no raiding for Josh, the raid is set. I didn't want to do any battlegrounds on my Paladin, don't have any serious arena partners (more on that in another post), and hate farming/doing dailies. So, I park my Paladin by Black Temple and log over to my newest attempt at an alt, a level 12 Gnome Rogue. I go and stab a few bears in Loch Modan, get killed by a bear who aggro's me while I'm killing another bear, and get angry that I don't have any "oh sh!t" buttons like Lay on Hands, Divine Shield, Hammer of Justice, or anything like that. Evasion doesn't last long enough and has a huge cooldown, I can't heal myself, and Gouge breaks on damage. I suppose I could have Sprint'ed away, but I'm a Paladin player, I don't run from a fight (hold your tongue on the bubble-hearth jokes. /glare)! I decide that Rogues are annoying and I don't want to play one. I let my GM know that I'm logging out but am still accessible in Ventrilo, and log out of the Rogue.

I have other really lowbie alts across a few servers. So I decide to try out my Horde characters and see if they hold my attention. I log into my level 20 Blood Elf Mage - she's hot, yet cold as ice (frost spec), but despite all that I just don't have a desire to play her. I log her out and log back in as a level 6 Tauren Druid. I run around Mulgore doing some quests and get 'im to level 8 before I bore of him as well. Why can't an alt hold my attention?

Is it because I don't have all the cool class abilities yet at low levels?
Is it because the "kill 10 rats!" quests make me want to punch a baby?
Is it the incessant Fed Ex quests that make you travel across a whole zone without a mount or speed increase only to deliver a letter and go back to the quest giver?
Or maybe it's the utter lack of interactivity in the low levels as you simply auto-attack or chain-cast a single spell until out of mana?

Whatever it is, I can't stand low level character play. I really want to level a Horde character though, just to see life on the other side. An Orc or a Tauren, probably Hunter or Warlock if it's an Orc, or Warrior or Druid if it's a Tauren. I don't have much love for The Forsaken (I'm a Paladin player, undead skeeve me out), the Trolls look silly, and the Blood Elves are crack addicts. So, how do I solve this predicament? I want an alt, and don't find the low levels fun - without buying a power-level service, what can I do to make the low levels enjoyable? And what is it about leveling in WoW that people find fun? I've been told by many that leveling a character is the fun part of the game and capping the char out at 70 makes thing stale - I've found the opposite, since I like the social interaction of large-scale encounters.

Perhaps I need to find a leveling partner/group to quest with? What do I do? Help!


Ravhinn said...

I sort of had the same issues on my first alts too. I'm not sure how to fix it but one of the things that made it a blast for me was using an Iron Counterweight on my weapon as early as possible. If its a warrior alt you might find yourself going from level 1 to 10 without ever hearing "Need more rage" :D

Alex - aka Firelight said...

I'm a bit of an Altaholic if i'm honest!

On Steamwheedle Cartel I have the following:

Main: Firelight - Level 70 Ret-Pala

Gwindle - 70 Balance Druid
Starslayer - 70 Destro Warlock
Edam - 55 Frost Mage
Ellouisse - 26 BM Hunter
Shiiva - 21 Shadow Priest
Shamanjim - 20 Enhance Shaman

I did have a gnome rogue i got to 29 - but i deleted him as he annoyed the hell outta me!