Thursday, September 18, 2008

Why Paladins Make The Best Lovers

Following Saresa, Matt, Sydera, and Auzara, they're all abso-tively wrong. It's not the granola-munching druids, the pansy-praying priests, the devious demonic warlocks, or even the ego-maniacal GM's that make the best lovers. It's clearly paladins. Why? I'm glad you asked.

We're into role-play
It's a well known fact that nearly every paladin you run into likes to mix it up with some RP. I mean, seriously, have you met many paladins who don't mix it up with some character play from time to time?
We make you feel good about it
With all the blessings, light, and righteous auras radiating from us, you can never feel guilty about indulging your sinful side around a paladin.
We make you better
Want to last longer? We can help you there. We've got a blessing for every occasion, and to fufill your every desire.
We can meet your needs
We can specialize in any tree you want - just let us know how you like it. Just don't ask us to do it from a distance - we prefer a more up-close and personal approach.
We're especially good with our hands
Allow me to lay my hands on you. I promise you'll like it.
We've got Blessing of Protection, baby
Bosutei speaks the truth. Need I say more?

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Karine said...

I know I'm late commenting, but this was a great post. This will make for tons of jokes between the bf (pally) and I for weeks. Great list.