Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Day Has Come

It's official. I'm a retired raider.

Now, what can I take for these withdrawal symptoms and lingering Warcraft-obsessive tendencies?


john said...

Why are you not raiding anymore?

Also, is there any point in me crafting raid gear for my ret pally such as swiftsteel bracers or red belt of battle? Or should I just start to accumulate gold for the expansion.

Josh said...

I'm not raiding anymore because I start a master's program this week which will overlap with raid times (classes are at night). I've got a post or two last month that goes a little more in depth on that.

Crafting raid gear is a personal choice. Do you plan to raid in the time before WotLK? Then yes, of course, absolutely, make the gear and use it well.
Do you plan to just solo and PvP until WotLK? Then no, don't make it, you can get away with PvP-acquired options in those situations.

There's no simple answer, it's all situational.

john said...

Well I hope you still get to play some and keep this blog up and running. Good luck. I need to get serious about a Master's Degree as well...maybe next year

Honors Code said...

Best of luck to you in all your future endevors.

Who knows, I may have to carry the Ret torch for you into Wrath.