Friday, September 26, 2008

WotLK: Buffs and Debuffs Addendum

To tack another thought onto my previous post on blessings in Wrath:

A lot of raid buffs are becoming raid-wide instead of group-wide. So, when I said that a priest only has to cast Prayer of Fortitude five times to a paladin's fifteen or so blessing casts? Yea, try one cast. Prayer of Fortitude will affect all raid members in range. I believe that other such buffs, like Gift of the Wild and Arcane Brilliance, will do the same.

So recap! Raid buffs for priests, mages, druids? One cast per sixty minutes. Blessings for paladins? At best, ten casts per thirty minutes, more likely fifteen casts per fifteen or so, averaging out the ten minute single casts and the thirty minute class-wide buffing.

Blizzard wants to monitor the "fun factor" of the game? Find a way to reduce blessing time consumption like what was done with other raid buffs. Blessings got more cumbersome with the addition of death knights.

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