Monday, August 25, 2008

This Is An Emergency

The New York City subway system confounds me. Every car has an emergency brake cord that says "In case of emergency: Open panel, alarm will sound, pull cord." Simple, right?

Well, there is also more detailed instructions posted in each subway car for specific emergencies.

In case of fire:

  • Do not pull emergency cord.
  • Notify train crew member immediately.
  • If possible, move to another car through interior doors.
  • Remain inside - tracks are electrified.
  • Follow instructions from train crew and emergency workers.
In case of medical emergency:
  • Do not pull emergency cord.
  • Notify crew member immediately if a passenger is in distress.
  • If you are qualified to assist, inform the train crew.
In case of a police emergency:
  • Do not pull emergency cord.
  • Alert the train crew to any unlawful or suspicious behaviors.
  • Train crew can notify police en route.
So riddle me this, fine reader. What sort of emergency warrants pulling the emergency cord?

(WoW-related post on the way this week, I promise.)


Megan said...

Doesn't help either, that the cord is BIG SHINY AND RED. OOOOOH.. my retina..

Josh said...

Pull yourself together, woman! Focus! DO NOT TOUCH THE CO

[megs pulls the cord]

... oh, you done it now. Bad juju's a'comin.

valane said...

Hollywood tells us the answer to this question.

Terrorists and unhappy ex-policemen with missing fingers (Speed)