Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I Couldn't Think of a Good Title

Okay, so I might have rambled last month about how I might have to stop raiding in the fall. It's official, I can't do it no mo'. Starting in September, I'll be beginning a master's program which will suck up a good portion of my nights. In fact, I have an advisement session scheduled after work tonight to discuss scheduling my classes. With that in mind, I can't reliably make my guild's raids anymore.

BUT, there is a silver lining - every time life closes a door, it opens a window. My not raiding anymore means that my Judgement of Wisdom-addicted GM is seeking a Retribution Paladin! And if I've been targeting the right market with my content, a majority of my readers should be, ya know, ret paladins or something like that...

Something Wicked of Malfurion-US, a PvE-CST server, is seeking a retribution paladin (among other roles) to fill out its raid force. The server is home to a lot of PvP players who are stuck on PvE servers, as well as serving as home to several Illidan-killing Alliance guilds. One of the Horde guilds just took down Kil'jaeden this week. As part of Something Wicked's raid force, you'd be expected to maintain 100% attendance (or as close to it as humanly possible) for their 3-day-a-week raid schedule: Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, from 7-11 CST. You'd be in for just about every raid, every boss, and you'd be expected to perform at the highest level - flasked and food buffed throughout the raid. Being that the guild raids only 12 hours a week and is pushing Sunwell content while continuing to farm Black Temple, efficiency and speed are tantamount.

SW is currently has the opportunity to achieve Alliance-firsts for several Sunwell bosses - Brutallus was killed for a 2nd time this week and an entire night went into Felmyst learning last night (Felmyst has not been killed by a Malfurion-Alliance guild to date).

Think you've got what it takes to fill my shoes? Do you have t6-level gear and the ability to pump out damage like you mean it? Can you make SW's raids reliably and consistently? Head on over to the guild's website and submit an application. They're recruiting a feral druid and a holy priest as well, as you can find in the realm recruitment thread, but this is a ret pally blog so that's not what we're talking about here.

That's my spiel (pronounced shpeel), go forth and pwn.


LarĂ­sa said...

Oh dear. That was a beautiful recruitment ad, but a sad blog post. But of course you're making a wise decision (blessed as you are with wisdom from your class...)

I just hope you don't stop blogging. Being a good blogger hasn't got anything to do with at what level your raiding or if you're raiding at all.

I'll keep watching you, hoping you'll find time to write here every now and then.

uke said...

Bummer to hear you're leaving man. Your blog was a huge help in me making the jump to ret after the longest time of tanking. Thanks for answering my slew of questions on MT-adin.com, btw ;).

If I had the gear, I'd love to step in for your spot, but I'm a good ways behind gear to be able to step in and do a good job.

Good luck on your masters. I've been kicking around the idea of going for my grad degree sometimes in the next year myself.

Pike said...

So sad to see you go. But, good luck on the Masters!

Evan said...

Congrats on the masters program and i have to agree with Larisa that you cant stop blogging.

I'm also willing to make a bet that you will be back for WotLK even if its not for hard core raiding.

Josh said...

I'm going to try to keep blogging, but I'm going to run out of topics quickly since I won't be playing 20+ hours a week anymore, so WoW won't be on the brain quite as much. I'll see what I can do on that front.

Glad to help. If you have more questions, pop me an e-mail or try to get me on Maintankadin. There's no guarentees I'll be checking MTadin daily going forward though.

Thanks for the well-wishes :) Really enjoy you hunterism posts, btw!

I'll definitely be playing WotLK, that's a given. It's just a matter of how quickly I get bored with level 80 content once I get there, since I won't be hitting the 25-man raid instances. 10-mans are even a question mark...

jazzy said...

good luck baelor! i fully expect you to be back in time to weild the Ashbringer... or Frostmourne.

Josh said...

Holy blast from the past, Batman! Hi Jazzy :) Thought you an' Flo had forgotten 'bout me!

Thanks for the well wishes. I'll definitely be playing in WotLK, it's just a question of how much I can manage. Raiding is probably out of the question, so I doubt I'll get my grubby hands on Ashbringer (if they implement it) or Frostmourne (which would oh-so-definitely be a 25-man Arthas rare drop).