Sunday, May 17, 2009

Cathmor IRL

Is that hot or is that hot? I'd like to reiterate that my girlfriend is some sort of fantastic. If I ever get someone with a digital camera into my apartment, I'll post better quality photos. For now, ones snapped with the camera in my phone will have to do.

Just looking at it makes me want to buy an Argent Dawn tabard t-shirt. Is that weird? It sounds weird. Too bad I don't think anyone has produced 'em.

For those that are wondering, the items Cathmor is fashionably displaying are the Vengeful Gladiator's Vindication complete set, along with the season 3 belt/boots and a Tabard of the Protector. I would have gone with the Lightbringer set, but the red accents in the arena set go better with the Sulfuras and his red hair.

This was all made possible by the great folks over at Figureprints. Consider this a ringing endorsement! Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go stare longingly at his Sulfuras and wish for a life-size version.


Dustin said...

That looks awesome man, Makes me want to get one. Maybe I'll have to introduce my girlfriend to one of my past-times ;)

Gratz man, definitely looks awesome.

Jong said...

very cool. grats mang.

Barrista said...

OOH! I want one! I want one!

My hubby was just saying he didn't know what to get me this christmas (yes, he's already thinking cuz I'm hard to buy for). I'll have to send him over there!

Khaelie said...

that is so friggin awesome!! I have been wanting one for a while now. i finally got the full T7.5 set so im gonna get one in that. i cant wait!

Alex - aka Firelight said...

Awesome dude!!

Mines on the way too!!! :D

My mum and my sister forked out for mine for my B'day!! :D

jazzy said...

I remember one time when you were in Silithus, back when the level cap was 60, and (probably unintentionally) pulled a whole Twilight camp with your hammer.

I came riding by just in time to heal you through it. Then I think Mazz got mad because we were holding up the AQ40 raid. haha

Josh said...

<3 you Jazzy. Good times :)